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This award validates the collateral beauty that’s emerged from the trauma, adversity, and internalized oppression I’ve overcome as a Black biracial woman of color. It validates my journey of healing, including my resiliency and evolving self-acceptance of my unique racial identity growing up in predominately white spaces. This award inspires me to reflect upon the transformational power of students of color seeing themselves reflected in mentors. For me, this is highlighted by the profoundly positive impact Dr. Talina Corvus, a Black professor at Pacific University, has had on my life. My most memorable contribution to the physical therapy profession is the time I spent with her and my peer, Bryan Llantero, at Conestoga Middle School speaking with 80+ students in the Advancement Via Individual Determination program about our journeys to pursue physical therapy. And most importantly, how they too are capable of succeeding in any career path they choose.