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PTs and PTAs need to be part of the evolution in health information technology.

We're moving closer to a nationwide health information technology infrastructure, and the physical therapy profession must be a part of that evolution. APTA is aggressively pursuing avenues to assist physical therapists select and implement health information technology. Additionally, APTA is working with federal policymakers to educate them as to the importance of including physical therapists in HIT initiatives moving forward.

Why It Matters

While physicians and hospitals are the beneficiary of many of the federal government's initial efforts to encourage HIT adoption, they will expect the other providers they work with, including physical therapists, to use it as well. Patients may also begin to expect their providers to use HIT to manage their care.

Our Position

APTA supports legislative and regulatory efforts to include PTs and PTAs among the providers incentivized to increase HIT use, and encourages physical therapy professionals to educate themselves on this dynamic area of health care.

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