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Listening Time — 35:19

There's a new term in town: "information blocking." And it's not just a different way to describe an old rule. On April 5, new federal regulations will be put in place that aim to prevent designated entities, including health care providers, from intentionally denying or materially discouraging appropriate access, exchange, or use of electronic health information. It's an important change designed to increase patient access to their health information — and noncompliance comes with consequences.

In this podcast, we take closer look at the information blocking rule: where it came from, who it affects, how it works, and what it means for PTs and PTAs. APTA Director of Regulatory Affairs Kara Gainer, JD, is joined by Bob Latz, PT, DPT, chair of the technology special interest group of Health Policy and Administration: The Catalyst, and Matt Elrod, PT, DPT, Med, an informaticist and member of the APTA Frontiers in Rehabilitation, Science, and Technology Council.

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