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CMS wants to impose further payment cuts and roll out a flawed payment differential plan for PTAs. We can't let that happen.

The Issue

The proposed 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rule includes a significant payment reduction to a number of providers, including to outpatient physical therapy services and implementation of a payment differential for services delivered by PTAs, with no mitigating policies. In addition, CMS declines to add therapy codes to the list of services permanently authorized for telehealth, and does not plan to authorize PTs to use remote therapeutic monitoring codes. 

Take Action

Why It Matters

These cuts never made sense. During a pandemic, they’re even more devastating. We should be encouraging access to PTs and PTAs, who can aid in recovery from COVID-19, prevent falls, reduce opioid use, and help patients avoid costly procedures. Instead, CMS is creating barriers.

Our Position

APTA strenuously opposes any attempt to reduce payment for physical therapy under Medicare, and views the PTA differential policy as a threat to patient access to care that could hit rural and underserved areas especially hard. We view the cut from CMS as a dangerous and shortsighted move that will harm patients and shutter clinic doors.

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Check out more info on the PTA Differential issue on this page. 

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