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APTA is advocating to fix the fee schedule.

APTA strenuously opposes any attempt to reduce payment for physical therapy under Medicare and continues to advocate to both CMS and Congress for permanent solutions to fee schedule cuts. Stay tuned for more details about the 2025 proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

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Mar 22, 2024 / Position Paper

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Additional Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Advocacy Content

Position Paper: EMPOWER Act

Mar 22, 2024 / Position Paper

Enactment of EMPOWER Act would standardize the supervision requirement from direct to general for private practices, help ensure continued patient access to needed therapy services, and give practices more flexibility in meeting needs of beneficiaries.

Spending Deal Reached: Includes Some Relief From Fee Schedule Cuts

Mar 8, 2024 / Article

The package includes a 1.68% boost to the fee schedule but falls short of totally eliminating the cut to dozens of providers.

Senators From Both Parties Call for Action on Fee Schedule Cuts

Feb 28, 2024 / News

Describing health care providers as "at a breaking point," 32 senators urge short- and long-term fixes as the next spending deadline looms.

APTA-Supported Bill Aims to Eliminate a Medicare Plan of Care Burden

Feb 8, 2024 / News

Bipartisan legislation introduced in the House would relieve PTs from having to pursue signed plans of care from referring physicians.

Congress Approves Temporary Spending Deal With No Fee Schedule Relief

Jan 19, 2024 / News

The stopgap agreement expires in March, setting up another opportunity to press for a fee schedule fix.

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Cuts Coming in January. Is Help on the Way?

Dec 14, 2023 / News

A new bipartisan bill provides full relief to the 3.4% cuts, but nothing can happen until Congress comes back from recess.

Fee Schedule Cuts: Where Things Stand, What Could Happen Next

Nov 29, 2023 / Article

Time is running out for Congress to take action on cuts to the 2024 Medicare fee schedule. Are there paths that could lead to relief?

Final 2024 Physician Fee Schedule Reflects System's Flaws; Includes Some Wins

Nov 3, 2023 / News

The projected 3.4% cut is another indication that it's time for reform, but other APTA-backed provisions are good news for the profession.

The Proposed '24 Fee Schedule: Takeaways From APTA's Comments to CMS

Sep 8, 2023 / News

APTA seized the opportunity to address the good, the bad, and the unclear.