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CMS is about to impose payment cuts that reduce patient access to PTs and PTAs. Congress must act soon, and your voice matters!

The final Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2021 is calling for an estimated 9% decrease in payment for codes tied to Part B physical therapist services. 

The cut will do monumental damage—and it won't be limited to Medicare. Care for military veterans will suffer, as PTs who provide community care will be forced into the same unsustainable reimbursement rates. The same is true for PTs in TRICARE. The cuts will make it impossible for many PTs to continue to provide care, creating physical therapy deserts in communities across the country.

Take action now!

Why It Matters

We should be encouraging access to PTs and PTAs, who can prevent falls, opioid use, and costly procedures. Instead, CMS is creating barriers. These cuts never made sense. During a pandemic, they’re even more devastating.

Our Position

APTA strenuously opposes any attempt to reduce payment for physical therapy under Medicare. We view the cut from CMS as a dangerous and shortsighted move that will harm patients and shutter clinic doors.

Take Action Now

The fee schedule is final for 2021, but legislation in Congress could stop implementation of the 9% cut. We need you to ask Congress to support H.R. 8702. With the current instability in the health care system, now is not the time to reduce payment to providers under the Medicare program.

For APTA Members to Contact Congress

Contact your members of Congress right now to let them know how important it is that they pass legislation before the end of this year to prevent implementation of these cuts.

Take Action (Member Only)

For the Public to Contact Congress

Encourage your colleagues, friends, and family to contact their members of Congress

Take Action (Open to All)

Stay Up to Date

APTA members can join the APTA Advocacy Network for free to receive action alerts on federal legislative issues, and more.

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