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Words matter. The use of "physical therapy," "physiotherapy," and the PT, DPT, and PTA titles should be restricted to qualified professionals.

When the public receives physical therapy treatment, people deserve to know what treatment they are receiving and that the person performing the treatment is a licensed physical therapist who has the requisite education and training to provide it. Unfortunately, people who are not licensed physical therapists have held themselves out to the public as providing "physical therapy" or "physiotherapy," or use the initials "PT" to describe their services. It's misleading, unethical, and, in some states, illegal. Worse, it's a disservice to individuals who are in need of physical therapy

Why It Matters

The training that physical therapists receive through accredited physical therapy education programs and the licensing requirements PTs must meet—including passing a national competency examination—ensure that the public is served by professionals with necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. Allowing terms and titles to be used by individuals without these unique qualifications weakens the profession and puts the public at risk.

Our position

APTA works to ensure that state and federal laws and regulations support term and title protection for physical therapists.

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