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Increasingly we are seeing media reports and company announcements about the use of digital platforms and technologies to provide physical therapy. 

The advancement of care delivery models that embrace technology has great potential to increase consumer access to care, promote consistent evidence-based treatment, and reduce unnecessary, costly, or riskier treatment.

APTA maintains that "physical therapy," whether provided in person or virtually, is performed or directed by licensed physical therapists.

Physical therapist treatment and technology can and should coexist with the health and experience of the consumer in mind. APTA stands ready to collaborate with digital platforms and partners to ensure these care models are consistent with existing laws and regulations, uphold consumer protections, and advance quality practice provided by licensed health professionals in accordance with their professional obligations and state defined scope of practice. 

APTA will continue to advocate for consumer transparency and appropriate use of protected terminology when digital technologies are used to augment physical therapist practice.

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