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APTA Employer Group Membership is a pilot program that offers reduced individual national membership rates for employers that provide APTA membership to at least five physical therapists and/or physical therapist assistants simultaneously. If this pilot proves successful, APTA hopes to provide this as an option for all employers sometime in 2024.


Save on APTA dues.

Starting at 5%, the discount on national dues increases as more PTs and PTAs are added to an employer's cohort:

  • 5% discount for five to 24 members.
  • 10% discount for 25 to 99 members.
  • 15% discount for 100 or more members.

Help your employees cultivate new skills and advance their careers.

Give your PTs and PTAs access to year-round professional development opportunities, including free and discounted CEUs via the APTA Learning Center, as well as discounts on APTA Specialist Certification, governed by ABPTS for PTs. Your staff also can save an additional 10% on annual APTA Combined Sections Meeting registration fees if at least five attend.

Keep your employees informed and connected.

In addition to, APTA Magazine, and related newsletters, APTA membership includes access to:

Expand your employee benefits.

Group membership can help increase the value of your benefits packages.

  • You can save big on group major medical, dental, and vision coverage for you, your staff, and your dependents via the APTA Health Benefits Marketplace (APTA Private Practice membership is required).
  • APTA members get exclusive benefits and discounts for comprehensive professional liability insurance coverage designed for PTs and PTAs via the APTA Insurance Program, powered by HPSO.
  • APTA members benefit from a suite of discounts and special offers on electronics, retail, travel, insurance, gym memberships, and more.

How It Works

Employer Responsibilities

The employer pays the national and chapter dues for at least five PT and/or PTA members, who will be given one-year membership terms with uniform start and end dates.

Concurrent national and chapter membership is required. The employer pays the annual national and chapter dues for all PTs and PTAs in their cohort before their membership terms begin, and whenever any PT or PTA is added to the cohort during the membership term. If a PT or PTA added to the cohort after the beginning of the term elevates the employer to a new discount level, the higher discount will be applied moving forward.

Membership Terms

The individual memberships of those in the cohort expire 12 months after they begin, regardless of where that falls in the calendar year. APTA will issue a consolidated invoice to a single point of contact for the employer’s entire cohort, requiring one payment for all employees in the cohort. Three months prior to the expiration date, APTA will reach out to the employer to confirm renewal for another year.

APTA reserves the right to cancel or make changes to the program at every annual renewal period.

Adding or Removing Employees

Employers can add new staff to, or remove staff from, their existing cohort at any time.

Adding Employees:
If the employer adds a PT or PTA to their cohort during the 12-month membership term, dues will be prorated based on the remaining membership term for the cohort they are joining, and their membership will expire at the same time as the rest of the cohort. At renewal, the employee will have the same annual cycle as the rest of the cohort.

Removing Employees:
If a PT or PTA leaves or otherwise is dropped from the employer cohort during their year of membership, the employee remains a member through the end of their one-year term. Once the term is over, the individual member will be responsible for renewing and paying for their own membership.

If an employee leaves the cohort before the membership term is complete, the employer will not receive a refund and is not permitted to substitute another PT or PTA in place of the former employee for that membership term.