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Recruit members for a chance to win prizes.

For 100 years, APTA has been built, one member at a time, into a strong collective force of 100,000 members.

That tradition inspired our member referral campaign, ONE by ONE, which gives APTA members a chance to earn rewards for recruiting new members.

Incentives and Prizes

  • APTA Telehealth Certificate Series Introduction Course: All active APTA members who recruit at least one new member* will receive complimentary access to the APTA Telehealth Certificate Series Introduction course.
  • APTA Telehealth Certificate Series: All active APTA members who recruit at least one new member will also be entered into a monthly drawing for the entire APTA Telehealth Certificate Series. The drawings are from a pool of all referring members*. Your name will stay in the drawing pool for each month unless your name is drawn.
  • One year of APTA membership: All active APTA members who recruit one or more members during the year will be entered into an annual drawing for one year of APTA national membership. The drawing will happen in January*.


To receive credit for each new member you recruit, make sure the new member's online or paper application references the email address affiliated with your APTA membership or that the new member joins using your personalized APTA member referral link. Applications without your email or your link cannot qualify toward an incentive and prizes drawing.

  • Recruit one or more new members by December 31 and be entered to win one year APTA membership. Each recruited member equals one entry into this drawing.
  • Any current, active APTA members are eligible to participate as a recruiter and eligible to win a ONE by ONE incentive prize.
  • Only one APTA member may receive credit for a new member. A new member recruited through the ONE by ONE campaign may only list one recruiting member.
  • Program directors, faculty, or instructors are not eligible to receive ONE by ONE incentive prizes for recruiting students from their institution (they may recruit other faculty, other physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, and qualify as a recruiting member).

*Review the official ONE by ONE campaign rules.