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Our association celebrates its centennial in 2021.

Our story began with a calling: to serve those who sacrificed so much for our country in World War I. Where others saw limitation, we saw potential.

Since our founding in 1921, we have moved forward together, with a passion and commitment to transform lives and strengthen our profession.

Visit our centennial website to see how you can participate in our celebration of APTA's first 100 years.

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Watch or read the annual address by APTA President Sharon L. Dunn, PT, PhD, at APTA’s House of Delegates, June 10, 2019.

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Half a century ago, the first physical therapist assistants (PTAs) entered the workforce. Their roles, numbers, and participation within APTA have grown steadily. (This article is updated from an earlier story published in a 2004 issue of APTA's PT: Magazine of Physical Therapy that celebrated the 35th anniversary of the PTA.1)