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I earned the title the hard way, but now I'm sharing everything I learned.

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A profile about me appeared earlier this year in the Deseret News, 1 of Utah's biggest daily newspapers. The headline was "The Queen of Concussions." While I assure you that I don't consider myself royalty, I do have a lot of experience with concussions—as a physical therapist (PT) and as a patient.

In fact, it was my ninth and worst concussion that defined my life afterward. (I've always been very physically active, and a bit unlucky!)

In January 2014, while snowboarding at a resort, I turned a blind corner and fell after swerving to avoid my husband. I was wearing a helmet, and it wasn't the hardest I'd ever gone down, but when you've been concussed as many times as I have it doesn't take much to get your bell rung. My neck and head hurt so bad afterward that I went straight to a hospital emergency room.

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