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Adopt the Rule of 7

Mar 01, 2020 / Column

Try adding engagement and impact to everything you do.

The Power of Practical Advice

Mar 01, 2020 / Column

Employing contemporary theories of neurorehabilitation and neuroplasticity to enhance children's lives.

How to Apply the New CQ Modifier

Mar 01, 2020 / Column

Here's information on how to apply the new CQ modifier to denote when outpatient therapy services are furnished in whole or in part by a PTA.

Fall and Balance

Feb 01, 2020 / Column

When patient confidentiality and broader need are in conflict.

Making a Wheel Difference

Feb 01, 2020 / Column

A program plays a key "roll" in altering perceptions.

Tune In, Fill Up

Apr 01, 2015 / Column

In providing wellness services, it's all about the individual.

Targeting an Enhanced Year

Mar 01, 2015 / Column

Helping clients hit their personal bulls eye.

Fighting Medicare Fraud and Abuse

Mar 01, 2015 / Column

Expanded authority to deny enrollment and revoke billing privileges are among CMS's new tools. Here's what PTs need to know.

House Rules

Dec 01, 2015 / Column

Which care setting is best for a rehabbing patient?

Easy Upgrade

Nov 01, 2015 / Column

This strategy is a definite plus.

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