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Alex Fraser-Maraun is an emerging elite Canadian road cyclist who competes as a member of Vancouver's Hewdog Racing Team. His plans are to turn pro. That never would have been possible had he not sought out help and advice from Erik Moen, PT, owner of BikePT and Corpore Sano PT, both located in the Puget Sound area of Washington.

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For years, Fraser-Maraun had experienced a string of injuries—affecting his iliotibial bands, right hamstring, gluteus medius, and knees—but the health care professionals he consulted in Vancouver never put the puzzle together—the pieces being his position on the bike, his training, and the bike itself.

"I started seeing Erik in late 2015 and learned these injuries all stemmed from poor training and recovery practices, and from poor bike fits," Fraser-Maraun says. "I needed someone to take my entire situation—training, gym, stretching, pedal stroke, bike fit—and prescribe me a path to recovery."

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