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Designing for the Future: It's Time to Pay Attention to Reshapping Current Structures

Mar 01, 2020 / Feature

From converting an old clothing store to building a new medical facility, physical therapy is reshaping itself to meet the needs of current and future patients and clients.

Good to Be Home

Feb 01, 2020 / Feature

Physical therapists working in home health discuss their evolving role in the continuum of patient care.

Putting Data to Work

Mar 01, 2015 / Feature

Paying careful attention to practice-related numbers can improve outcomes, reduce costs, and ultimately transform the profession.

APTA's Creative Components

Mar 01, 2015 / Feature

APTA's chapters and sections are developing an array of creative, innovative programs for their members. In so doing, they're also helping patients and clients, and advancing the profession.

Health Care Technology Today

Feb 01, 2015 / Feature

Technological advances highlighted in this issue include nasal cells used in a spinal cord transplant, telehealth kiosks, tips to control technology vendor demos, the risk of medical device hacking, a robotic exoskeleton whose developer is seeking approval for home use, and more.

Sticks and Stones

Feb 01, 2015 / Feature

Lacrosse was named for the stick its players wield. As the saying goes, sticks and stones can break bones. Lacrosse players experience myriad other injuries as well. Physical therapists help prevent injuries and rehabilitate injured players.

Why Physical Therapists Are Embracing Lean Management

Dec 01, 2015 / Feature

A process-improvement system adapted from industry can enhance efficiency and better serve patients, its practitioners say.

Health Care Technology Today

Nov 01, 2015 / Feature

Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada Makes Grant to Study Orthotic Device

Reckoning With Reentry

Apr 01, 2020 / Feature

Stepping out from full-time practice looks different from how it once did. The options during and after a hiatus vary for PTs and PTAs.

Generation Rap: Veteran and Emerging Leaders Speak Out

Dec 01, 2019 / Feature

Newly named Catherine Worthingham Fellows of the American Physical Therapy Association and APTA emerging leaders discuss the physical therapy profession's past, present, and future-and share advice.

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