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In this article, physical therapists (PTs) who recently were named APTA "Emerging Leaders" share their thoughts and exchange their views on a variety of professional issues with PTs who have been named Catherine Worthingham Fellows of the American Physical Therapy Association. (See "Who Are APTA's Emerging Leaders and Fellows?" on page 17.)

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Technology and the Human Touch

APTA's Emerging Leaders generally embrace technology, albeit with a few cautions.

"Devices that act as an adjunct to patient care" are plumbing untapped potential, says emerging leader Alexandra Hill, PT, DPT, who is a certified lymphedema specialist. At the same time, PTs and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) should be "mindful of the supporting evidence for any device, while remaining aware of the privacy and security of the patient. Telehealth is an exciting option for providers and patients," she notes, "and seeing its implementation in a profession that is largely hands-on has been fascinating. We are lucky to have the Frontiers in Rehabilitation, Science, and Technology (FiRST) Council to help us navigate these new frontiers with technology in medicine."

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