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Catherine Worthingham Fellows of the American Physical Therapy Association (FAPTAs) and those designated "emerging leaders" of the association are by definition at different points in their career. FAPTAs are seasoned and savvy. Emerging leaders are newer to the profession but, well, they're plenty savvy, too. (See more information on the designations on page 27.)

Generation Rap

For all of their differences, however—FAPTAs having adapted to, and in many cases led, significant changes and innovations in the profession of physical therapy over the course of their career, while emerging leaders face newer challenges such as the burden of student debt and recognition of the need to expand physical therapy's reach into areas such as population health—PT in Motion found many areas of commonality when the magazine recently asked selected members of the 2019 class of each group a series of questions related to physical therapy's past, present, and future.

What comes out in the responses is mutual appreciation of the strengths both groups bring to seizing the opportunities and addressing the challenges facing physical therapy today: As emerging leader Katherine Sylvester, PT, DPT, puts it, "I see veteran and less-experienced PTs and PTAs mentoring each other, and everyone leaving those conversations with something valuable." She is an acute care physical therapist (PT) at Navicent Health in Macon, Georgia.

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