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In a new PTJ podcast, Editor-in-Chief Alan Jette, PT, PhD, FAPTA, interviews Jill Heathcock, PT, PhD, guest coeditor of PTJ's upcoming special issue, "Infant and Child Development: Innovations and Foundations for Rehabilitation." Heathcock is executive director of the Pediatric and Rehabilitation Laboratory (PEARL) at The Ohio State University; coeditor Jeffrey Lockman, PhD, is professor of psychology at Tulane University's Infant and Toddler Development Lab.

The idea for the issue came about during a conversation between Heathcock, who studies pediatric rehabilitation and typical infant development, and Lockman, former editor of the journal Child Development, at an Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy conference. "Sometimes these two fields engage in a lot of crosstalk, but not always. The research summit was a kick-off idea of how to engage both pediatric physical therapists, or those interested in pediatric rehab broadly, and those in developmental science," says Heathcock in the podcast.

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