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I was diagnosed with COVID-19 in July. As a PT, I was aware of the potentially long road to recovery, but now I'm walking that road — and I'm still putting my life back together. Here's my story.

First, a little background:  I'm a 42-year-old mom of five, married 19 years to my husband, Scott, who is also a PT. We own a private practice in rural East Tennessee that consists of four offices in three counties. I've been in outpatient practice since graduation with some dabbling in home health, acute care, nursing home, and pediatric settings along the way. It really is true that in rural communities you have to be willing and able to do it all!

As for my health prior to my diagnosis, I have a medical history of mild asthma, GERD, and hypothyroidism due to partial thyroidectomy five years ago. All were controlled prior to COVID-19.

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