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Tips to Help You Ace Your Clinicals

Sep 09, 2019 / Perspective

Clinical rotations allow students to practice the skills and experience new practice settings.

Privileged to be a Part of This Community

Sep 30, 2019 / Perspective

Having the opportunity to meet many people with enthusiasm and with a desire to get involved was truly amazing.

A Balancing Act: Choose You

Jan 30, 2020 / Perspective

I concluded that if I wasn’t able to take care of myself, how could I care for someone sicker than me?

How To Make Connections and Network at Your Next Professional Conference

Jan 21, 2020 / Perspective

Here are my tips for students looking to expand their network.

What Is the PROMISe of Global Outcome Measures? 3 Things You Need to Know

Sep 05, 2018 / Perspective

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are pivotal to assessing and achieving high-quality care.

Yes, We Should: 5 Ways to Transform Your Mindset to Improve the Health of Society

Jun 04, 2018 / Perspective

Health care and medical care aren't the same thing, and we aren't going to treat our way out of poor health using our old ways of thinking and doing.

I Didn't Choose to Be a Travel PT, It Chose Me

Feb 10, 2017 / Perspective

I get to travel, meet new and interesting people, care for people with a variety of conditions, and I get to make an impact globally.

Welcome to the District

Nov 20, 2018 / Perspective

I'm ecstatic that CSM 2019 is in Washington, DC!

It's Time to Walk the Talk When It Comes to Our Vision for Society

Apr 17, 2018 / Perspective

One opportunity to transform society by optimizing movement is increasing physical activity participation.

How Do I Avoid Burnout? A Perspective From an Engaged PT

Feb 08, 2018 / Perspective

I have continued to reinvent myself as a professional over the course of my PT career.

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