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Outpatient Services During a Pandemic: Finding Your Ethical Footing

Jun 6, 2020 / Perspective

During COVID-19, it is our professional skill in knowing how to creatively adapt, adjust, and cope that will bring us through these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Essential, But Unemployed: Thoughts of a Furloughed PT

Jun 4, 2020 / Perspective

What do you do when this part of your identity is put to rest?


Jan 2, 2019 / Perspective

Code-switching is a term that refers to changing one's language or language style based on one's environment. Black people do this a lot.

Being Myself

Jun 25, 2020 / Perspective

Being yourself means that you love who you are, you respect who you are, and you don’t let other people define who you are.

Refocusing My Professional Why

Jun 29, 2020 / Perspective

I was reminded again why I wanted to do this: the people.

How Do You Know When You Are Providing High-Quality Care?

Jul 2, 2020 / Perspective

Asking the question of how you know you’re providing high-quality care.

Fear Into Power: My COVID-19 Experience

Jul 7, 2020 / Perspective

Would I be able to keep my doors open? Keep paying my staff? How is this going to change my practice for the long haul?

The ADA Turns 30 This Year. That's a Big Deal for PTs, PTAs — and Me

Jul 24, 2020 / Perspective

The ADA facilitated vast improvements in the ability of the physical therapy profession to improve the health of patients.

Busting Medicare Part B Myths (and Regulating Your Expectations) Part 3

Feb 25, 2020 / Perspective

In an effort to get everyone on the same page, I'm debunking some of the most prevalent Medicare myths I've been seeing lately on social media and in other venues.

Privileged to be a Part of This Community

Sep 29, 2019 / Perspective

Having the opportunity to meet many people with enthusiasm and with a desire to get involved was truly amazing.

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