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Our centennial year is off to a fast start, with thousands of members engaging in our January Founders' Day celebration and the virtual APTA Combined Sections Meeting.

There are several special things happening this year, and here are five opportunities available this month:

1. Upload your photo to APTA's centennial mosaic (and see who's there).

Adding a photo to our interactive mosaic is fast and free, and it's a great way to celebrate our 100th anniversary. If you've added your photo, thank you! Be sure to spend a few minutes browsing the wonderful submissions of our physical therapy community. This opportunity closes at the end of March. 

2. Last chance to donate $10 to support diversity, equity, and inclusion and get your name etched at our new headquarters.

Our Campaign for Future Generations is raising funds to support DEI activities through proceeds from our centennial events and through individual donations. More than 4,000 people have contributed to this effort. Donate $10 or more by the end of the month and your name will be included on the Community Wall in our new national headquarters — APTA Centennial Center.

3. Share our new national public service announcement encouraging physical activity

We recently released our latest ChoosePT public service announcement, which encourages Americans to increase their physical activity and to get support from physical therapists and physical therapist assistants if they need help. This message will play on TV and radio stations across the country throughout the year, but you can help us spread the word by sharing the link with your colleagues, friends, and family via email or social media. Also, if you're a physical therapist member of APTA who is willing to be contacted by patients seeking care, make sure your Find a PT profile is activated and updated with all available information. Check out the announcement.

4. Earn your APTA telehealth certificate.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased the number of patients seeking physical therapist services via telehealth. APTA has developed a telehealth certificate series to ensure and validate that PTs, PTAs, and students are prepared to provide excellent care via telehealth. Many of the six core courses launch this month, so register now to be among the first to earn your APTA telehealth certificate. Let's show our profession's commitment to excellence!

5. Participate in the APTA Centennial Lecture Series

We've gathered experts from across the profession to provide eight outstanding lectures for our 100th anniversary. The first is being held virtually this month, with Pete Skelton, PT, MSc, leading attendees through the steps needed to develop an "all hazard" rehabilitation preparedness plan and training you in the clinical and interpersonal skills needed to work in an emergency. That course begins March 26, so register now.

Looking ahead, I want to remind you that we will finish our centennial year with our 100 Days of Service initiative, so please start thinking about what community service activities you might contribute to that effort.

In closing, thank you for your support of our association and profession — and for all that you do every day to improve the health of society.

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