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It’s no secret that student loan debt is challenging millions of Americans – among them physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

As outlined in APTA’s 2020 report on the impact of student debt, your debt could be affecting the life choices you make: where you work, where you live, and whether you start a family.

April is Financial Literacy Month — a good time to highlight our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about debt burden. Take our quiz to help you assess your understanding of the full size and shape of the problem, as revealed through APTA’s research. Many of the questions are based on a survey of PTs and PTAs we conducted in the process of developing the 2020 report.

Whatever your score on the quiz, check out the APTA-provided resources that can help you take more control over your financial outlook, including our award-winning Financial Solutions Center.

Answers are below the quiz.

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