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In 2022 we continued to publish perspectives from members that educated, inspired, and reminded us that we're part of a thriving community.

We're grateful for those who took the time to express their thoughts, and we look forward sharing more member insights in 2023.

Have a story to tell? Let us know through the APTA Engage volunteer portal.

Here's a list of the top 10 member-authored perspective pieces published over the past year.

  1. Why Isn't Postpartum Physical Therapy Standard? It Should Be, Jessica Enge, PT, DPT, and Elizabeth Farmer, PT, DPT
  2. 5 Things I Learned From My First Year of PT School, Matt Glassoff, SPT
  3. HBCU DPT Programs Produce Great PTs: It Shouldn't Be a Secret, LaDonna Dingle, PT
  4. Breaking Through Four Barriers to Better Addressing Men's Pelvic Health Needs, Jake Bartholomy, PT, DPT, Grant Headley, PT, DPT, Daniel J. Kirages, PT, DPT, and Chad Woodard, PT, DPT
  5. PTs Are Primary Providers in Our Osteoarthritis Program. The Results Are Amazing, Andrea Christian, PT, DPT, and Preston Roundy, PT, DPT
  6. Swimming Against the Current: My Dad's Fight Against Parkinson Disease, Libby Bergman, PT, DPT
  7. 'You Can't Care if You Aren't There': Provider Mental Health Can't Be Ignored, Drew Contreras, PT, DPT
  8. The Need for Neurodiversity-Affirming Care for Autistic Adults, Iris Warchall, PT, DPT
  9. Children With Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Need Early PT Intervention, Brian Hoppestad, PT, EdD
  10. Making Work Work: Why Occupational Health Physical Therapy Is My Passion, Lorena Pettet Payne, PT, MPA

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