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The countdown is on for National Physical Therapy Month: a time to celebrate the physical therapy profession, spotlight the many benefits of physical therapy, and show how physical therapists and physical therapist assistants can provide patient-centered care that provides true value and improves the health of society. And yes, that's a big claim — but we now have more data to back it up.

This year, National Physical Therapy Month, supported by HPSO, will coincide with the debut of a report that looks at the true cost-effectiveness of physical therapy as it relates to patient quality of life. Titled "The Economic Value of Physical Therapy in the United States," the resource lays out an approach to calculating the value of a physical therapist intervention in ways that go beyond simply comparing short-term costs, and then applies that approach to eight conditions. Look for it in late September; it's a first-of-its-kind report for the profession.

What does this mean for PTs, PTAs, students, and the profession's supporters? You'll have access to definitive economic research that can help you make the case to payers, policymakers, and consumers that physical therapy's ability to improve the health of society is strongly associated with real economic benefit.

But that's just part of what's happening next month. Additionally, APTA has worked with Viewpoint, hosted by Dennis Quaid, to create a documentary style profile of the profession and the benefits of physical therapy to air, along with a one-minute advertisement, on public television stations across the nation throughout October. More information will be coming out on that shortly.

While the report will be an important element of outreach efforts, consumers need to hear about the ways physical therapy can help address a variety of conditions and achieve their mobility goals (APTA's efforts will focus on physical therapy's role in arthritis management, incontinence, lower back pain, and carpal tunnel). You'll want to keep up with APTA during National Physical Therapy Month as we share insights and takeaways from the report, as well as ideas for putting its findings to use, and even a few special events.

Here are just of the few of the ways you can get involved.

Get your PR game on. You should never be shy about sharing the benefits of physical therapy, and October is the month to turn up the volume. APTA can help you get started. Just visit the APTA-ChoosePT Public Relations and Marketing Portal for access to a supply of National Physical Therapy Month-themed assets to help you spread the word during October. You’ll also find a host of other resources and tools you can use anytime. And while you're there, be sure to check out the new APTA Co-Branding Portal for customizable assets that can help you market the profession and your practice through social media, events, in your clinic, and as outreach to other providers or local businesses.

Be found — update or create your Find a PT Profile: APTA's consumer-facing website,, receives millions of visits — and many of those visitors are using the APTA Find a PT Directory, to search for a PT and filter results by location, practice focus, or specialization. Take advantage of this member benefit for physical therapists. View the instructions and update (or create) your Find a PT Profile today.

Stay tuned because there are some exciting happenings ahead. We've got some special surprises in the works, as well as another nationwide radio and tv satellite media tour that will once again connect millions of listeners and viewers with the physical therapy message.

You play an important role in someone’s health. How will you celebrate National Physical Therapy Month? Let us know using the hashtag #PTmonth, and follow APTA's social media channels to keep up with more ways to get involved this year. ChoosePT is on Facebook and Twitter (now X); APTA is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn . Question? Contact APTA's Public and Media Relations staff.

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