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Looking for the best apps devoted to women's health? APTA just made your life easier, thanks to an expansion of the association's list of quality-assured digital health tools to meet the needs of your patients and clients.

The new additions appear in the APTA Digital Health App Formulary, powered by ORCHA, a collection of digital health apps rigorously assessed by the Organization for Review of Care and Health Apps. ORCHA evaluates digital health technologies through a thorough review process that includes working with physical therapy subject matter experts to integrate the specific needs of the profession. Those expert insights, which include clinical assurance and safety considerations, are paired with ORCHA's expertise in data and privacy; usability and accessibility; and technical security and stability. In other words, the formulary is a compilation of quality-approved, clinically vetted apps that you can trust.

So, what apps have been added to the formulary? APTA expanded its offerings to include 27 apps devoted to women that focus solely on their health, care, and support through many life stages. Some address the critical need for postpartum care; others focus on care and support during perimenopause and menopause. And there are apps that address mental health, parenting, breast cancer, stress, continence, and more, with tips to help women regain or maintain control of their lives during challenging times.

Getting access to the formulary is easy for members — just set up your account and you're ready to begin your search. But before you do, you may want to check out the free overview and tutorial in the APTA Learning Center for information about how to use the resource.

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