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Donate to the Minority Scholarship Fund

Make a meaingful impact with a donation to APTA's Minority Scholarship Fund.

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You can also download and and mail the Minority Scholarship Fund Contribution Form. Make your check payable to the Physical Therapy Fund.

Making a Difference

APTA has provided more than $1 million in awards through the Minority Scholarship Fund. Your contributions are tax deductible as the Fund is contained within the 501(c)(3) Physical Therapy Fund, which is supported by APTA.

Read this article or watch this video to learn about the impact of the Minority Scholarship Award.

Brandon Nguyen, PT, DPT
Brandon Nguyen, PT, DPT

"Being a recipient of the 2019 Minority Scholarship Award is an incredible honor, a recognition of my efforts in minority affairs, and a testament to all of my mentors who have invested their time."

2020 Recipients

Thank you Celebration of Diversity sponsors!