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Improving DEI in the profession and association is one of APTA's strategic priorities.

Our strategic plan includes an objective to foster the long-term sustainability of the physical therapy profession by making APTA an inclusive organization that reflects the diversity of the society the profession serves.

We are expanding student recruitment efforts through our diversity pipelines project. We are creating a DEI standing committee to provide strategic counsel. And we are directing net proceeds from our centennial-year activities toward our DEI efforts through the Campaign for Future Generations.

APTA supports efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion to better serve the association, the profession, and society.

Email to share your ideas for how to improve DEI within our physical therapy community.

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The first 10,000 people to contribute at least $10 will have their name included on the Community Wall at APTA’s new headquarters.

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The centennial is a unique opportunity for our community to engage, celebrate, and serve, as we embrace our rich history and generate momentum toward our exciting future.

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PTs and PTAs should educate themselves about the needs of their patients who identify as Muslim to ensure that patient-centered care remains our profession's priority.