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Access PT/PTA CPI 3.0 (Required training course list)

The CPI 2.0 tool on the Liaison platform sunset on September 30, 2023.  Please see the information below on APTA's CPI 3.0 tool on the new platform. 

The Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Performance Instruments are performance assessments designed to evaluate student performance during their clinical experiences. The CPI is completed by the Clinical Instructor at midterm and at the end of the clinical experience. Students also complete a self-evaluation using the same tool. During the student's clinical experience, the CI provides opportunities that allow the student to practice specific skills and behaviors that correspond with the student's current level of academic preparation (American Physical Therapy Association, 2018).

The PT CPI was developed in 1997 and revised in 2006. The PTA CPI was developed in 1998 and revised in 2009. Both instruments underwent content and format changes and were adapted from paper-and-pencil administration to online administration. In 2020, APTA partnered with HumRRO (a research company) to streamline the CPI content and rating scales and, as a result, continued to build support for the validity and reliability of the CPI. The psychometric review of the CPIs and the revisions were completed in November 2022, and APTA then partnered with CompetencyAI to create a new CPI 3.0 web platform. The new CPI 3.0 web platform was released on May 15, 2023.  

APTA Clinical Performance Instrument - Technical Brief

Access PT/PTA CPI 3.0 (before accessing, see required training below)

Taking the Online Training and Assessment Program

Anyone using the CPI, must first pass the required free training available through the APTA Learning Center. Successful completion of this training and assessment program (passing 100%) is required for all users to access the PT and PTA CPI 3.0.

There are five different training courses for the new CPI 3.0. Participants only have to take one of the trainings that best fits their role. These courses are specific to a user role and are required before one can access CPI 3.0 in the new platform. The courses, targeted audience, and links are listed below:

The courses include a narrated video and are approximately 20-28 minutes in length depending on the course version. The assessment includes 16-21 questions depending on the course version and participants must score 100% on the assessment to receive their certificate of completion. The assessment can be taken as many times as needed to achieve the required passing score.

The CI/SCCE course includes 1.7 hours/0.17 CEUs, and DCE course includes 1.5 hours/0.15 CEUs, which are approved in all jurisdictions.

Accessing PT and PTA CPI 3.0

Once you have successfully completed the required APTA CPI online training, you will then be required to login to CPI 3.0 (with your APTA login credentials) to complete the CPI assessment. The DCE associated with an affiliated program will also need to assign an individual's user role, educational program name or clinical site prior to being granted access to the CPI 3.0 system.

Access PT/PTA CPI 3.0

CPI 3.0 Getting Started Guides

CPI 3.0 User Guides are available in the CPI 3.0 portal. Look for the blue question mark in a white circle at the top right of your screen. The user guides are posted by roles. 

CPI 3.0 Rubric Training Videos are available in the corresponding user guide in the portal.

PT and PTA CPI - Paper Version

Access PT and PTA CPI FAQs


Academic Institutions, not clinical sites, pay for the annual PT/PTA CPI 3.0 subscription. Subscription cycles are July 1 through June 30. 

Annual Subscription Fees:

  • PT CPI (CSIF Included) - $1,100
  • PTA CPI (CSIF Included) - $800
  • PT CSIF only - $850
  • PTA CSIF only - $450

NOTE: There are no price increases for the PT and PTA CPIs 3.0, and annual subscriptions now include the Clinical Site Information Form.

Program access requires the completion and submission of this form:

Contact/Customer Support Information

  • CPI 3.0
  • CPI 3.0 payment questions
  • Learning Center platform and APTA login issues

All CPI 3.0 updates and information are posted to APTA's Clinical Education Hub Community. To request access, email and include Hub Community Access in email subject line.

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