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And just like that, the holiday season is upon us. It's a great time of year, but it can also sweep you up in a whirlwind that leaves you feeling exhausted and out of touch with your profession.

APTA has just the answer.

The past year has been a stellar one for APTA podcasts. We now offer more content and variety than ever before, from the emotional that reminds you of why you love what you do, to the nuts-and-bolts informational that could be crucial to your professional survival. The recordings are easy to download and listen to no matter what you're up to during the holiday season—decking the halls, say, or riding in a one-horse open sleigh, or just kicking back for a few peaceful minutes of chestnut roasting. So don the gay apparel (or your favorite workout gear), fire up that device, and get listening.

It's easy. Check out APTA's podcasts webpage, where you can browse a complete list of podcasts. Where to start? Here are some suggestions.

Get inspired.
APTA's "Defining Moment" podcast series is the audio companion to PT in Motion magazine's regular feature of the same name, which highlights stories from members about those moments when they felt that special—often life-changing—connection to the physical therapy profession. The Defining Moment podcasts bring you the audio version of the magazine feature, read by the authors. Treat yourself.

For inspiration you can share with your patients, the popular Move Forward Radio is your go-to option: an interview series that features patients, PT and PTA experts, and even the occasional celebrity (past episodes have featured NBA All-Star Grant Hill and country music's Clay Walker) discussing physical therapy's role in a wide range of issues. Like APTA's website, the Move Forward podcast series is designed for patients and their families as well as for clinicians. Definitely share-worthy.

Get energized.
The secret is out: some of the liveliest discussion in the profession is taking place at the student level, and a new APTA podcast series brings the energy to you. APTA's Student Pulse, the newsletter for students, has created a podcast series that features Pulse contributors, mostly students. With titles such as "How War Led Me to Become a Physical Therapist," "Stereotype Threat," and "The X-Ray Showed a Bird," how could you not be intrigued? A great way to re-charge your enthusiasm for the profession

Get up to speed.
From payment and regulation to the latest in evidence-based care, it can be hard to stay in the loop. APTA helps make it a little easier to keep pace through a variety of podcasts. Wonder what all this "value-based care" talk is about, and how it applies to you? Check out APTA's value-based care series. Feel like hearing from some of the profession's thought leaders? Download the audio from the highly regarded Maley and McMillan lectures delivered at the 2018 NEXT Conference and Exposition. Getting yourself in the mood for the upcoming 2019 Combined Sections Meeting (you are going, right?)? Browse the podcast page for audio from last year's event.

And when it comes to research, you can listen your way right to the source: PTJ (Physical Therapy), the association's scientific journal, offers a podcast series that features PTJ authors discussing their research with Editor in Chief Alan Jette, PT, PhD, FAPTA. The conversations are lively, accessible, and packed with useful information. Don't miss out.

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