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The past year saw more blog activity than ever at APTA. Readers of the #PTTransforms blog and the student-focused Pulse blog experienced different voices, new perspectives, and even calls-to-action that challenged assumptions.

It's not too late to get in on the energy. Here are links to some of the year's most popular blog posts, with a quick description of each.

"Top 5 Questions Physical Therapists Can’t Answer"
Does the profession know itself? What needs to happen to achieve a better understanding of issues such as variation in care and use of clinical practice guidelines?

Changes to the Blood Pressure Guidelines: Is It a Change for Physical Therapists?
A new blood pressure guideline has sparked discussion in the health care community regarding blood pressure targets and best practices. How does the new guideline affect physical therapist practice and the patients we treat?

2018 Presidential Address
This video (and accompanying transcription) of APTA President Sharon Dunn's address to the 2018 APTA House of Delegates captures an important moment in APTA's evolution, as the association begins to make bold moves toward inclusivity, collaboration, and strong advocacy for population health.

My Whole Body Is a Nervous System: The Anxiety Diaries of an SPT
"Welcome to year 2, day 1, of my doctor of physical therapy program. I leave my musculoskeletal dysfunction class early so I can make my first appointment with a therapist at my school's Counseling and Psychological Services office." A candid and informative discussion of the emotional health challenges experienced by Heather Beaudoin, SPT, a second-year PT student at Northwestern University.

Stereotype Threat: How Fear Led Me to Passion
Everyone has felt the pressure of stereotypes of one kind or another. Do you embrace the stereotype that's been applied to you? Do you reject it? Can you tell when a stereotype has become an obstacle to achieving your dreams? Author Ron Peacock, Jr, SPT, provides a heartfelt perspective.

Primary Care and the Physical Therapist: Lessons From the Military
The US military has been involving PTs in primary care for several years. It's time for the civilian health care system to take note, writes Jason Silvermail, PT, DPT, DSc.

How Do I Avoid Burnout? A Perspective From an Engaged PT
Burnout can happen to anyone, but the nature of the physical therapy profession presents some special dangers. This post provides tips on how to spot burnout in yourself, and what to do to regain that spark.

Blunt Conversations: Setting Realistic Patient Expectations for Pain
At APTA's "Beyond Opioids" panel, Sarah Wenger, PT, DPT, observed that clinicians need to give patients realistic expectations for pain and pain relief. But how do we have these difficult—yet important—conversations? In this Q&A, Wenger delves deeper into the topic.

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