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Expanded APTA guidance, additional relief funding, U.S. reaches 1 million COVID-19 cases, and more.

 Practice Guidance

April 28: APTA Retools Its COVID-19 Practice Management Webpage
As resources continue to grow, APTA has expanded and reorganized its webpage devoted to PT management of patients with diagnosed or suspected COVID-19. The page includes guidance for a variety of settings including outpatient, home health, long-term care, acute care, and school-based care, as well as information on post-intensive care syndrome and ways to help patients stay active while people are staying home during the emergency.

COVID-19 Relief Programs

April 23: Small Business Administration Publishes List of Lenders Participating in PPP
A new resource from SBA lists lenders participating in the Paycheck Protection Program by state.

From HHS and CMS

April 27: CMS Suspends Advanced Payment Program, Taking Another Look at Accelerated Payment
Citing the availability of new relief money, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has suspended its advance payment program for Medicare part B providers and says it's reevaluating its accelerated payment program for Part A providers.

April 24: More Money Coming From HHS — Can PTs Qualify?
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is distributing an additional $20 billion in health care provider relief funds, but the way HHS is determining distribution might make getting that money more complicated for many PTs — if PTs qualify in the first place.

April 23: CMS Releases COVID-19 Telehealth Toolkit for Medicaid and CHIP
A new toolkit from CMS is aimed at helping states move to greater use of telehealth in Medicaid and CHIP by helping states identify restrictions on telehealth eligibility, the types of services that could be delivered via telehealth, and practice act barriers to implementation of wider telehealth use, among other areas.

April 22: New COVID Relief Package Adds $75 Billion to Funding for Health Care Providers
The COVID-19-related grant funds intended for distribution to health care providers received another $75 billion as part of a $484 billion "phase 3.5" coronavirus relief bill signed into law.

In the Media

April 28: More than 1 Million Cases Reported in U.S.
From NPR: "More than 1 million cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in the U.S., marking a grim milestone in the country with the most reported coronavirus infections in the world, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University."

April 27: White House Creates Plan to Expand State Testing
From USA Today: "The White House unveiled a blueprint on Monday designed to help states expand coronavirus testing and rapid response programs as governors weigh gradually lifting stay-at-home orders and reopening schools and businesses."

April 24: Older Adults Can Have Atypical COVID-19 Symptoms
From Kaiser Health Network: "Older adults with COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, have several 'atypical' symptoms, complicating efforts to ensure they get timely and appropriate treatment, according to physicians."

April 21: The Challenges of Combatting COVID-19 in Rural Areas
From Medpage Today: "Rural areas have specific healthcare challenges that make combatting COVID-19 harder, and those issues need to get more attention."

Visit APTA's Coronavirus webpage for more information and updates.

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