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The association's sections and academies have been creating invaluable resources and curating offerings from other agencies and organizations.

Here's what they recommend.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented effort among APTA components to provide resources that deliver expert perspectives and insights on a wide variety of topics. Sometimes from a single component and at other times through collaboration like never before, the offerings are proof that the physical therapy profession is committed to responding to the health emergency with tenacity and compassion, through a unique set of skills and expertise.

Here's a sampling of what's available, as recommended by the components themselves. All are free and open access.

[Editor's note: Components are continually adding resources, including notices of upcoming online events such as this webinar titled "Overview of Prone Positioning: Why It Works" a collaborative effort from the Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy, the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Section, and the Academy of Clinical Electorphysiology and Wound Management set for May 9 from 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. CT, and "How COVID-19 Has Exposed Our Nation's Structural Inequities," an online townhall on May 9, 11 a.m-1 p.m. ET, sponsored by the APTA Section on Health Policy and Administration.]


COVID-19: Minimizing the Impact of Social Distancing for the Older Adult
Recorded webinar
Representatives from the APTA Home Health Section, APTA Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy, the APTA Section on Health Policy and Administration, and APTA Geriatrics and its Cognitive and Mental Health Special Interest Group discuss ways individuals, their families, caregivers, and PTs and PTAs can help minimize the impact of isolation being experienced by many older adults.

Post-Acute Exercise and Rehabilitation (PACER) Series
Webinar Series
This continually growing series of webinars is an initiative shared by multiple APTA sections and academies to increase practitioner proficiency in cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy. Currently available modules include information on examination, geriatric considerations, pediatric considerations, cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, pulmonary rehabilitation, and COVID-19-specific considerations. See information on specific modules under the component headings.

Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy

Laboratory Values Interpretation Guide
Online resource
The academy's Practice Committee updated the Laboratory Values Interpretation Resource to better align with emerging evidence, current practice, and practitioners’ clinical decision-making needs.

Clinical Best Practices in Physical Therapy Management
Recorded webinar
Highlights current insight into pathophysiology and medical management of COVID-19, including its widespread acute inflammatory microvascular changes resulting in multisystem effects.

Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management

Statement on Wound Care as an Essential Service
Position statement
This statement from the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders supports wound care as essential to help prevent worsening of complicated wounds and reduce the influx of patients in EDs and inpatient admissions.

Statement on Preventing Injury With N95 Masks
Position statement
From the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel are position statements and review of current evidence regarding facial pressure injuries associated with N95 mask use.

Protecting Facial Skin Under PPE N95 Face Masks
An easy-to-understand guide from NPIAP on protecting facial skin is suitable for printing out and displaying.

Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy

Is COVID-19 Spread Through Water?
Blog post
The Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy is referencing the CDC for the most-up-to date information on the question of whether or not COVID-19 is spread through swimming pools.

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Section

PACER Series: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Examination
Recorded webinar
This course will explain how to conduct an examination of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, including the four components of a chest examination.

PACER Series: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Anatomy and Physiology
Recorded webinar
This course describes the anatomy, histophysiology, and pathology of COVID-19.

PACER Series: Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Recorded webinar
This course examines pulmonary rehabilitation for people with COVID-19 in the postacute setting, with a look toward outpatient pulmonary rehab.

APTA Geriatrics

PACER Series: Geriatric Considerations, COVID-19
Recorded webinar
This one-hour course will provide clinicians with an overview of how and why COVID-19 has had such a significant impact on older adults.

Resources for PTs and PTAs Teaching Online Geriatric Content in Academic Programs
Recorded webinar
For PTs and PTAs working in academic settings who teach geriatric content and are affected by campus shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic: sharing of knowledge and resources to promote immediate and effective online teaching resources and strategies.

Home Health Section

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19
Guidance document
These OSHA guidelines include information on personal protective equipment and protection of workers with high risk of exposure.

Home Health Agencies: CMS Flexibilities to Fight COVID-19
Guidance document
A CMS roundup of the ways in which recent COVID-19-related waivers apply to home health agencies.

American Council of Academic Physical Therapy

Lessons from the Trenches: The Nuts and Bolds of Implementing a Lab Immersion Webinar
Live webinar, May 21, 1 p.m.-2 p.m. ET
Dr. Casey Unverzagt and Dr. Brian Young share the nuts and bolts of hybrid learning and immersive lab instruction developed by the Baylor University DPT Program.

Open Forum for Clinical Education
Discussion board
The discussion board does not require ACAPT membership, but you will need to register with the ACAPT database to access the discussion.

Clinical Education Communication Tips During COVID-19
Guidance document
Tips on being mindful in your approach to conversing with various clinical education stakeholders.

Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy

PACER Series: Pediatric Considerations
Recorded webinar
This course explores the statistics of pediatric COVID-19, sequela of the disease including heart and lung function, how lung development plays a role in disease’s course, and appropriate outcome measures and interventions following the acute phase of the disease.

Section on Health Policy and Administration

Telehealth PT Patient Satisfaction Survey (scroll down on HPA's COVID-19 page and look for "Complete the Telehealth PT Patient Satisfaction Survey" header)
Patient resource
This patient satisfaction survey was developed to capture the voice of the customer related to their telehealth experience.

Acute Care Physical Therapy and COVID-19: How Can We Add the Greatest Value? (part one)
Recorded webinar
A recording and handouts that provide considerations and tips for navigating health care in the acute care setting during the pandemic. Resources and links for additional information are included.

Audio and Video Telecommunications Systems (scroll down on HPA's COVID-19 page to find)
Blog post and related resources
Resources and points to consider prior to engaging in telehealth, including a link to a spreadsheet of vendors that provide audio and video telecommunications services that could be used for telehealth.

APTA Private Practice Section

Managing Your Practice Through the Pandemic — Next Steps
Recorded webinar
A panel discussion looking at how five practices, from small to large and with varying situations, are each responding to keep their practices going through this crisis, especially as many states begin the early stages of lifting bans.

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