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Our new brand embodies our mission to build a community that advances the physical therapy profession to improve the health of society. Our updated website doesn’t just look different — we’ve added new functionality to improve our service to our members.

Here’s what you should know.

Unlimited Access for Members

Just like before, APTA members have access to all content on You’ll notice more content requires you to log in. Your login information has not changed, but the appearance of the login screen is different. If you have any problems, email

Limited Access for Everyone Else

While some content on our website is open to everyone (no login required) and other content is protected for members only, most content is available for limited access. Per this new approach, nonmembers can use a free account to view one piece of limited access content per month. This allows us to better showcase our content to potential members while preserving value for our current members. The process to create a nonmember account is consistent with registering for an APTA conference as a nonmember.

Evidence-Based Practice Content in One Place

To make it easier to access clinically relevant content, we have shut down our PTNow website and moved its content to You can still search for clinical practice guidelines, tests and measures, and other evidence-based practice content just as you did before. APTA Article Search and the Rehabilitation Reference Center also are available from

One Search, Multiple Sources

When you search for content on our website you’ll continue to find content created by APTA, but you’ll also get results from the EBSCO database that powers APTA Article Search. Access to those results is restricted to APTA members.

Better Browsing

As you browse through the website you’ll notice there are more prompts and opportunities to explore related articles. This feature will help you discover more content and will continue to improve over time.

Streamlined Content

To help you to get to the content you need more quickly, we’ve eliminated some of the things getting in the way, including older content that was rarely accessed by our members.

New Names, New Looks

Most of our programs, products, services, and events still have familiar names, but some have changed. In the short term that’s going to cause some confusion for folks who are familiar with the old names. But over time these simplified names will make it easier for new members of our community to navigate APTA. Here are a few examples of name changes:

  • PT in Motion Magazine, our monthly magazine for members, is now APTA Magazine. You’ll receive your first issue in July.
  • PT in Motion News, our weekly email newsletter for members, is now APTA Weekly. You’ll receive your first edition this week.
  • PTeam, our grassroots network of APTA member advocates, is now APTA Advocacy Network.
  • Red Hot Jobs, our PT and PTA job bank, is now APTA Career Center.
  • Our Career Starter Dues program, offering discounts for student members after graduation, is now the APTA Early-Career Dues program.
  • #XchangeSA events, the monthly social media chats for students, will now be part of a larger collection of APTA Live (#APTALive) events.
  • The Education Leadership Institute Fellowship, the 52-week program for PT and PTA educators to advance their leadership skills, is now the APTA Fellowship in Education Leadership.

There will be some additional name changes in the future.

You’ll also see that some of our sub-brands are being retired. For example, our articles will no longer be provided under the PT in Motion News, #PTTransforms, or Pulse brands — but the content remains, and we will continue to provide the same news and perspectives, all under our main APTA brand.

Some sites also are taking on a different look-and-feel, including the APTA Learning Center. These changes are being phased in over the next few days, so you won’t see everything change at once — but don’t be surprised when things look different.

Feedback Opportunities

At the bottom of many pages, members who have logged in to the site will be able to indicate whether the content is helpful. This feature will allow us to improve content that isn’t meeting our members’ needs and better identify which content is most helpful.

Sharing the New Brand

We have created two graphics for APTA members to use on social media to show their pride and participate in the brand launch.

More Changes to Come

The launch of our new brand and website represent a significant milestone, but our evolution is ongoing. Over the next few years we will redesign some of our other APTA-hosted websites and update the brands for some of our other programs, products, services, and events. APTA chapters and sections have the option to align with the new brand. Most are in the process of doing so, but this will take time. As of our launch, 42 chapters and 12 sections have committed to aligning with our brand.

The core strength of our association has always been our unified voice and the connectedness of our members. Through our unified brand efforts, we are strengthening our community, enhancing value, and simplifying the APTA experience.

Can’t Find Something? Here’s What To Do

Our website has a new site architecture. You can get a sense of how things are organized by clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner of the website. But the best thing to do is search for it! If after performing a search you still can’t find something, please email with a detailed description of what you’re looking for.

Other Problems? Here’s What To Do

For login challenges or broken links, please email

We are actively addressing known issues. Thank you for your patience.

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