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We offer payment options to make it easier to be an APTA member.

Membership dues vary based on membership type (PT, PTA, student, etc.) and participation in chapters, sections, and academies.

Calculate Your Dues

Members can separate dues payments into monthly installments and auto-renew to ensure continuous membership.

Dues discounts are available for graduating student members (see below).

Explore the benefits of membership, check membership eligibility, and join our community of 100,000 members!

Dues Discounts

APTA Early-Career Dues Discount

Are you a student member of APTA? Maintain your APTA membership through graduation and you will receive a 50% discount on APTA dues your first year postgraduation, with additional savings the next three years:

  • Second year postgraduation: 40% off national and participating chapter and section dues.
  • Third year postgraduation: 30% off national and participating chapter and section dues.
  • Fourth year postgraduation: 20% off national and participating chapter and section dues.

This discount will be automatically applied at renewal. Learn more about the APTA Early-Career Dues Discount.

Payment Options

You get to decide how to pay your dues:

Annual Payment

Members can pay their annual membership dues in one lump sum at the time of joining and at renewal.

APTA Monthly Payment Plan

Members may select a monthly installment plan for payment of annual membership dues. Each month, members will be charged one-twelfth of annual dues plus a $1 monthly administrative fee. You can choose this option at the time of renewal. Membership is still for a full year. You can also set your membership to auto renew every year.

Easy Renewal

New and renewing members can set their membership to automatically renew on an annual basis if they pay with a credit or debit card.

Need Help?

For assistance, contact APTA Member Success or call 800-999-2782, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET.