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The U.S. military has long understood the value of physical therapy, and now the Army is leveraging the profession's leadership potential: APTA member Col. Deydre Teyhen, PT, PhD,  has been appointed Chief of the Army's Medical Specialist Corps, a key post that oversees PTs, occupational therapists, dietitians, and physician assistants throughout the branch. Teyhen is a board-certified specialist in orthopaedic physical therapy.

Prior to her appointment, Teyhen served as commander of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the largest biomedical research laboratory in the U.S. Department of Defense. Previous roles for Teyhen included Commander, U.S. Army Health Clinic Schofield Barracks, and staff to the Public Health arm of the Army's Office of the Surgeon General.

Teyhen has been honored by both military and civilian organizations. She received APTA's Margaret L. Moore Outstanding New Academic Faculty Member Award in 2008, and an Outstanding Dissertation Award from the University of Texas – Austin, where she earned her PhD. Teyhen's military awards include the Legion of Merit, the Army Medical Department’s Order of Military Medical Merit, and the U.S. Army War College Commandant’s Award for Distinction in Research. In 2018, Teyhen was among the PTs featured in an APTA magazine article on PTs in management roles.

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