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APTA Combined Sections Meeting is in full swing and already has delivered powerful, on-target content.

There's still time to register and view the remaining live events — and participate in live Q&A sessions with presenters — through Feb. 28. On-demand content and recordings of live sessions will be available through the end of March.

Still not registered? Do it soon — with more than than 200 live sessions, 300 on-demand sessions, and 1,200 poster sessions included, there's lots being offered every day that you won't want to miss. Another bonus: register soon and receive a free APTA swag box while supplies last.

Here's a small sample of what's been presented so far. (Look for more complete coverage of the conference in the May issue of APTA Magazine.)

Home Health Gets Hot
A regular and popular feature, the Home Health Section's "Hot Topics in Home Care" once again lives up to its name. The presentation begins with an overview of what the section is doing to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion in the profession, and moves on to the use of telehealth in home health (and the unique role home health PTs can play). The session wraps up with a "Washington update" that takes a deep dive into the legislative, regulatory, and advocacy issues important to home health, and how the COVID-19 pandemic may have shifted priorities.

Taking in the Total Picture in UE Injuries
The presentation “Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries in Athletes: Return-To-Play Considerations in Physical Therapy,” presented by APTA Hand & Upper Extremity, is all about the importance of the whole. Presenter Angela Stagliano, PT, DPT, stresses the use of total body assessments, as well as specific upper extremity assessments, to achieve the most complete possible picture of the health of the patient. Also discussed: periodization, advanced weight exercises, and power training exercises.

When Rehab Gets Personal
New technologies can be useful in rehabilitation, but the real key to patient rehabilitation success is a program that incorporates current research and is personalized for the patient. Those are a few of the takeaway messages from the session “Did Major Research in the Last Decade Change Practice? Locomotor Training, Gadgets, Intensity, or Everything Works.” The session was presented by the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy.

The Mything Link in Payment
There's something satisfying about seeing a myth get busted. And when that busted myth has to do with Medicare? Even better. That's what presenter Rick Gawenda, PT, does during the APTA Private Practice Session's "Disposing of the Most Common Physical Therapy Myths." Gawenda leads viewers on a carefully constructed march through the most misunderstood facets of Medicare payment and the application of its rules, from details around cosigning notes written by an assistant to large-scale misunderstandings of Medicare's position on maintenance therapy — 21 myths in all.

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