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APTA members can up their fitness game through a new member benefit: the ability to join Active&Fit Direct, a multicomponent program that is only available through arrangements with organizations and health plans. The opportunity is part of a continually growing list of APTA member benefits.

For $25 a month, plus a $25 enrollment fee, Acitve&Fit customers get access to more than 2,500 digital workouts, more than 11,000 fitness centers, healthy living coaching, wearable device activity tracking, and more.

After an APTA member enrolls in Active&Fit Direct, they can print or phone-save an ID card to present at select fitness centers that will allow them to start their membership at that location. Enrollees can change gym memberships at any time.

Active&Fit Direct's program is the latest addition to APTA's members-only offers from national brands. Those benefits aren't the only advantage of APTA membership: Check out how APTA opens up access to professional resources, helps you build pathways for career advancement, saves you money through member discounts and special offers, and more.

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