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Recovery from COVID-19 can be frustrating, confusing, and frightening. APTA wants to improve that experience for individuals considering or participating in physical therapy as part of their journey back to health.

Now available at the association's consumer website, an expanded "Physical Therapy Health Center on COVID-19." It offers multiple resources that inform patients on what they need to know about the role physical therapists play in addressing symptoms related to COVID-19 and long COVID-19, also known as PASC.

The health center includes easy-to-understand symptom and condition guides, wellness tips, podcasts, and other resources all geared toward the patient. The importance of regular physical activity is highlighted throughout, both in terms of general health and specifically as part of the path to recovery from COVID-19. Cautions regarding exercise for people experiencing long COVID-19 and postexertional malaise are also included.

The health center will continue to grow as research evolves and as evidence and practice guidelines become available, so be sure to check back. Follow Choose PT on Facebook and Twitter and share content to help increase public awareness of the benefits of physical therapy.

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