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In response to member requests, APTA now offers a set-and-forget monthly dues payment plan, available to all new, returning, or renewing APTA members.

Here's how it works: At the time of renewal or initial membership, you can choose to have your annual dues divided into 12 equal monthly online payments (plus a $1 per month administrative fee). You can also add a section contribution at that time, too, as well as any voluntary contributions to things such as PTPAC, the PT Fund (which includes the longstanding Minority Scholarship Fund), or the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research.

Once set up, there's nothing more to do: The monthly installments will be made through an autopay system, and you can even arrange to have your membership auto-renew each year. It's that simple.

Dues are still for annual membership, just as they are under other APTA dues payment plans.

Check out the APTA dues payment plans page for more details and a link to terms and conditions.

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