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(Note: After publication of this article on March 15, HRSA announced an opportunity for providers who missed phase I reporting deadlines to apply for an allowance to submit their past-due reports by way of an extenuating circumstance allowance. This April 8 APTA article provides more details and links.)

March 15, 2022: Time's up: Some providers across the country who accepted federal COVID-19 relief funds but failed to meet reporting requirements are now facing demands to return all or part of the money they were given. For those providers, who were given funds in phase one of the program, it's already too late; but phase two and three recipients still have time come into compliance.

To receive the relief money included in the CARES Act, providers were required to sign terms and conditions that included provisions related to reporting on how they spent the funds as well as a notice from HHS that failure to meet reporting requirements would result in recoupment with no option for appeal. APTA regularly updated members on the funding program and reporting requirements in articles that covered everything from details on reporting requirements to changes in reporting timelines, as well as where to go to get detailed information directly from HHS and additional help with reporting.

For some providers still out of compliance, there may be a glimmer of hope: Phase two reporting doesn't close until March 31, while the reporting period for phase three doesn't open until July 1, and phase four on Jan. 1, 2023. That leaves time for phase two recipients to get their reporting houses in order, and for phase three and four recipients to get up to speed with the requirements before the reporting begins.

To get all the details on reporting requirements, deadlines, and more, visit the Health Resources & Services Administration webpage on the provider relief fund.

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