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What it measures:

Measures functional lower limb muscle strength and may be useful in quantifying functional change of transitional movements

Cut-Off Scores

(Duncan et al, 2011; n=80; 59% men; mean age=67 (9.0) y; mean Hoehn & Yahr Stage=2.4 (0.6), (range 1–4); Individuals in each H & Y stage (I=2, II=2, III=2 and IV=1) were unable to perform the test because they were unable to arise from a chair without using the upper extremities so these participants were given a score of 60 sec, which was approximately 1 SD higher than the slowest performance time among those who were able to perform the task)

  • >16.0 sec indicates the risk of falls
  • Cut-off score of 16 sec discriminates fallers from non-fallers
  • Mean time=20.25 sec (14.12)

(Paul et al, 2012)

  • Mean score at baseline=9.67 (1.79), range=5.9-13.5
  • Mean score at retest=9.48 (2.04), range=6-15.2

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