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What it measures:

What It Measures and Conditions and Test Variations Included in This Summary:

  • Health-related quality of life
  • Dyspnea
  • Fatigue
  • Emotional function


  • 9 validated translations
  • Use in hardcopy or electronic
  • Chronic Heart Failure Questionnaire (CHFQ) mastery subscale - added 4 questions to assess mastery
  • Modified-CHFQ - shortened versions of the CHFQ that assess specific subscales of the questionnaire
  • This test measures both impairment and physical function.
  • There are 16 items with scales of 1 to 7 assessing emotional and physical symptoms of heart failure.
  • There are 3 subscales:
    • Dyspnea: 5 items
    • Fatigue: 4 items
    • Emotional function: 7 items

This test measures disease-specific health-related quality of life and contains information on use of this test for patients with heart failure. The CHFQ has variations, but for this study specifically, the entire test/measure was used and no modified versions were considered.

ICF Domain(s): 

  • Body Structure and Function
  • Activity


ICF Categories:

Body Structure and Function

  • b4109 Heart functions, unspecified
  • b4409 Respiration functions, unspecified
  • b134 Sleep functions


  • Walking - d4509 Walking, unspecified
  • Climbing stairs - d4551 Climbing
  • House/yard work - d650 Caring for household objects
  • Leaving the home - d4601 Moving around within buildings other than home

Access Test:

No free public access, and PERMISSION NEEDS TO BE SECURED from McMaster University ( Any requests for the outcome measure can be made here.

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