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What it measures:

4-item test that measures high-level mobility in people with lower limb loss; designed to quantify functional capabilities, measure change in function, and help determine readiness to return to high-level activity. The Single Limb Stance Test (SLS), Edgren Side Step Test (ESST) (Edgren 1932), Illinois Agility Test (IAT) (Cureton 1951), and T-Test. (Semenick 1994) All CHAMP test items require a combination of movement strategies, and athletic abilities. (Gailey RS, Gaunaurd IA, 2013)

Measures ability to generate lower limb power, speed, agility, and coordination with fast, explosive movements, including direction changes in singular and multiple planes. For people with limb loss, the test measures prosthetic competency (eg, balance and movement skill with the prosthesis). (Gailey RS, Gaunaurd IA, 2013)

The CHAMP is currently being used in military treatment facilities to assist with exercise prescription during rehabilitation, change over time and determining return to physical activity.

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