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What it measures:

Measures axial motion (neck, trunk, spine); assesses functional use of available spinal motion, combined with visual ability

Target Population:

People with Parkinson disease (PD); Mild/Early and Moderate/Middle

Test description: Patient is seated in a backless chair with the pelvis stabilized by Velcro straps. A hoop with symbols (numbers and letters) is suspended at eye level by 2 tripods, one in front of the patient and the other behind. The symbols correspond to 5-degree increments, with 0 degrees aligned with the midline of the participant's face and 180 degrees aligned with the seventh cervical vertebra. Marks at 90 and 270 degrees are aligned with the greater trochanters. The patient dons the headpiece of a Cervical Range of Motion device (CROM) with the forward head arm of the unit used as a pointer oriented toward the hoop. Patient is instructed to turn as far as possible in one direction (right or left), letting the arms dangle at the sides, then to turn as far as possible in the other direction. The degree of rotation (FAR) is calculated from the symbol with which the pointer is aligned. Mean FAR is calculated using the average of the left and right side values. (1-3)

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