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What it measures:

What It Measures:

The EuroQol 5 Dimension 5 Level (EQ-5D-5L) is a self-report survey that measures quality of life across 5 domains: mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain/discomfort, and anxiety/depression. Each dimension is scored on a 5-level severity ranking that ranges from "no problems" through "extreme problems."

Conditions & Test Variations Included in this Summary:

EQ-5D-5L is indicated any time a generic measure of health status is useful. EQ-5D is a group of instruments used to reflect a patient’s health-related quality of life TODAY. The EQ-5D-3L (prior version) and the EQ-5D-Y (youth version) each have 3 dimensions. The EQ-5D VAS is a report of health-related quality of life TODAY on a scale of 0%-100%. Only the EQ-5D-5L is included in the following summary.

Clinical Insights

  • The EQ-5D-5L can be administered at any time throughout the course of treatment, as it reflects quality of life the day it is administered.
  • The EQ-5D-5L is time-efficient, easy to both administer and comprehend.
  • The EQ-5D-5L is available in more than 130 languages.

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