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What it measures:

  • URICA measures a patient’s readiness to change using a self-reported questionnaire that categorizes the patient into one of the 4 following stages: precontemplation, contemplation, action, or maintenance.1
  • The psychotherapy version of this tool is applicable to any habit or behavior that a patient or client wishes to change.
    • 32 items
    • The problem being addressed needs to be clearly identified for patient or client and clinician
  • Other versions assess certain behaviors or specific problems:
    • Alcohol (2 lengths available: 24 items, 28 items)
    • Reduced drinking (12 items)
    • Drug (2 lengths available: 32 items, 24 items)
  • Some versions of this test are available in other languages.1

ICF Domain(s):

  • Participation 

ICF Categories:

  • Self-care
  • Other PT/OT Subsequent Limitation

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