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PTs and PTAs have unique knowledge and skills to lead initiatives to promote a healthy workforce.

APTA supports physical therapist efforts to create, implement, evaluate, and lead new initiatives to introduce population health approaches to transform society. An initial focus in this area is employers, because they are common aggregating points in society for large groups of people.

Among physical therapy's specialties, occupational health and ergonomics is a novel example, which is both increasing in clinical relevance and dissemination by professionals in a range of settings. This relevance can be easily seen by the increasing number of PTs involved in occupational health and ergonomics initiatives worldwide and an increase in demand for improvements in worker health and company productivity.

The following are resources for exploring the roles of PTs in the occupational health setting and how to directly work with employers toward prevention and amelioration of noncommunicable diseases before they become symptomatic, disabling, and costly.

For more information on physical therapists' involvement in the promotion of a healthy and productive workforce, check out APTA Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Occupational Health Special Interest Group.

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