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The CDC recommends safe alternatives like physical therapy to manage most pain.

APTA has been actively involved in raising public awareness about the benefits of physical therapy in pain management.

Our ChoosePT campaign won national awards, and more importantly it opened doors to conversations with other health care providers and the White House.

We continue to advocate for improving access to physical therapy to help combat the opioid epidemic.

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Study: Home Health Physical Therapy Decreases Opioid Use After THA, TKA

Mar 31, 2021 / Review

Researchers found that both physical and occupational therapy led to quicker discontinuation of opioids.

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The revised resource stresses the need for a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach — and more research.

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Results of a 2019 survey also that 7.4% of those with chronic pain experienced pain that limited life and work activities.

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The latest issue of Pain Reports covers physical activity, integration of behavioral techniques, models of care, and more.

Workers' Comp Research Group: Early Physical Therapy for LBP Is a Win-Win

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The report, focused on workers' comp recipients, concludes that early physical therapy for LBP improves outcomes and saves money.

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The benefits and risks of medical and recreational marijuana use continue to be explored. PTs and PTAs need to stay informed.

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One way PTs and PTAs can contribute to public health is by having the medication naloxone available in case of an overdose.

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Sharna Prasad, PT, DPT, discusses how self-reflection makes a path clear.

Study: Among Individuals Who Qualify for Medicare Due to Disability, Opioid...

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Subgroups of Medicare beneficiaries "present different risk profiles for opioid overdose death, authors say.

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Orthopedic surgeons and PCPs don't seem to be getting the message, according to researchers.