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APTA's Most-Read Articles of 2021

Dec 27, 2021/Roundup

Staying up to speed with changes and challenges while keeping tabs on APTA happenings.

PTNow Expands Resources, Offers New Search Experience

Sep 7, 2017/News

If you haven't checked out PTNow lately, you haven't checked out PTNow.

APTA Clinical Practice Guideline Structured Peer Review Form

Your responses will be used to assess the validity, clarity and accuracy of the interpretation of the evidence.

From PTJ: For Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis, Don't Rely on Provocative Tests Alone

May 2, 2023/Review

Echoing a CPG on carpal tunnel syndrome from two APTA academies, authors advocate a combination of diagnostic approaches.

Research Rocks On: Eight Non-COVID Studies You Might've Missed

Jul 24, 2020/Roundup

The coronavirus pandemic demands our attention. But that hasn't stopped the flow of research in other areas relevant to physical therapy.

Physical Therapy and Brain Injury

Mar 4, 2022/Roundup

For National Brain Injury Awareness Month, five APTA resources and a roundup of recent research.

Are CPGs Changing Practice?

Mar 1, 2024/Feature

CPGs are meant to optimize patient care by providing PTs and PTAs with recommended care options — as long as clinicians follow them.

The Latest Guidelines: APTA Keeps You Up To Speed

Feb 22, 2021/Roundup

Evidence-based practice resources are free and easy to find at Here are the latest additions.

APTA Physical Therapist Resources in Spanish

Jan 12, 2021/Resource

APTA offers physical therapy resources in Spanish. Access resources such as clinical practice guidelines, PTJ articles, Learning Center courses, and information for consumers.

CSM Delivers: Moving Evidence Into Practice

Oct 22, 2018/News

The 2019 APTA CSM, set for January 23-26 in downtown Washington, DC, has no shortage of sessions focused on how PTs and PTAs can bring that evidence into practice.