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APTA Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy: Hamstring Strain Injury in Athletes (CPG+)

Feb 28, 2022/CPG

This CPG includes sports-related overloading and overstretching injuries to myofascial or musculotendinous structures in any combination of the 3 hamstring muscles (semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris).

Clinical Practice Guideline Development

APTA supports the development of CPGs to reduce unwarranted variation in care and improve the value of care.

APTA Academy of Hand and Upper Extremity Physical Therapy and Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy: Hand Pain and Sensory Deficits: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CPG+)

May 1, 2019/CPG

This guideline rpovides evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for management of patients with hand pain, and sensory deficits: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

APTA: Core Set of Outcome Measures for Adults with Neurologic Conditions Undergoing Rehabilitation (CPG+)

Jul 1, 2018/CPG

This guideline from the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy provides a recommended core set of 6 outcome measures for adult patients with neurologic conditions.

APTA Oncology: Diagnosis of Upper-Quadrant Lymphedema Secondary to Cancer: Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG+)

Jul 1, 2017/CPG

This guideline provides recommendations related to the diagnosis of patients with upper-quadrant lymphedema secondary to cancer.

APTA Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy: Clinical Practice Guideline to Improve Locomotor Function Following Chronic Stroke, Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, and Brain Injury (CPG+)

Jan 1, 2020/CPG

Suggests that task-specific walking training should be performed to improve walking speed and distance in those with acute-onset CNS injury although only at higher intensities or with augmented feedback.

PTJ: New APTA Telerehab Guidelines Cover Education, Implementation, and More

Mar 27, 2024/Review

The first-ever telerehab CPG created specifically for PTs and PTAs includes seven recommendations.

Clinical Practice Guideline Workshop

APTA conducts an annual invitation-only workshop to help sections develop clinical practice guidelines.

VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Upper Limb Amputation Rehabilitation

Mar 1, 2022/CPG

The ULAR CPG is designed to address the key principles of rehabilitation and clinical care for patients with upper limb amputation. (Former title: VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Upper Extremity Amputation Rehabilitation.)

VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for the Non-surgical Management of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis, Version 2.0

Jul 1, 2020/CPG

This clinical practice guideline (CPG) recommends a framework that includes a structured evaluation and diagnosis of Veterans and Service Members who may be suffering from hip and knee OA.