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How I Made a Perfect Score on the PTA NPTE

Jun 26, 2019/Perspective

It's never too early to start studying. 

Defining Moment: Lending a Helping Hand

Nov 1, 2023/Column

A chance encounter at an indoor climbing event helped one physical therapist see the myriad ways that PTs can support patients.

Defining Moment: The Big Impact of a Tiny Human Being

Jul 1, 2024/Column

Decades later, one PT recounts the lasting impression of a very special patient.

Parkinson Disease (PD)

Jun 25, 2024/Clinical Summary

People with PD need to develop long-term exercise habits—and be committed to participating in their intervention programs—to sustain the benefits of the supervised intervention provided by PTs.

Defining Moment: Searching for Answers

May 1, 2024/Column

After a long search for a diagnosis, a PT moves toward recovery.