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Cardiac Rehabilitation [SIGN 150]

Jul 1, 2017/CPG

This guideline provides recommendations on the management of patients referred for cardiac rehabilitation.

New Clinical Guidelines Find Strong Evidence Supporting Exercise Therapy for Knee Pain

Sep 4, 2019/Review

A set of recommendations on knee pain that stress exercise therapy as the best approach to improve functional performance.

PTJ: New CPG Supported by APTA Provides Guidance on PT Treatment of Individuals With Heart Failure

Feb 5, 2020/Review

Nine evidence-based action statements for the evaluation and management of patients with heart failure and two algorithms for clinical decision making.

APTA Glenohumeral Joint OA Clinical Practice Guideline Now Available

May 12, 2023/Review

The new resource, designed specifically for PTs and PTAs, includes evidence-based and best-practice recommendations.

APTA Clinical Practice Guidelines Development Manual

Jul 28, 2023/Resource

APTA is committed to helping PTs and PTAs develop, synthesize, and use credible evidence. Clinical practice guidelines are essential tools in this process.

New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline (2nd Edition)

Jul 1, 2016/CPG

Recommendations to improve the health, educational and social outcomes for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and incorporates updates developed through the living guideline process.

Hypertension in Adults: Diagnosis and Management [NICE NG136]

Aug 28, 2019/CPG

Covers identifying and treating primary hypertension in people aged 18 and over, including people with type 2 diabetes.

Cumulative Trauma Conditions Medical Treatment Guidelines

Mar 2, 2017/CPG

Guidelines for physicians/providers treating individuals qualifying under Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation Act as injured workers with cumulative trauma conditions.

EULAR Revised Recommendations for the Management of Fibromyalgia

Feb 1, 2017/CPG

Guidelines for managing fibromyalgia assessed evidence and proposes clarifying who will benefit from specific interventions.

Osteoporosis: Assessing the Risk of Fragility Fracture [NICE CG146]

Feb 7, 2017/CPG

Covers assessing the risk of fragility fracture in people aged 18 and over with osteoporosis.